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Overseas payment

Use our Overseas Payment option to deposit money overseas to friends or relatives, or to manage your overseas assets subject, of course, to exchange control regulations.


Deposit money into accounts in countries overseas. While you can initiate an Overseas Payment using Online Banking you will still need to separately deliver to the bank the requisite foreign exchange control approvals. Note: Without these approvals, payments will not be sent.

What information will I need?

Since your payment is going overseas it is important to make sure you have all the correct payment details. If you do not already have the details, we suggest you contact the recipient of your payment first, to make certain that your information is correct.

  • Account name - name under which your recipient's bank account was opened
  • Recipient's phone number - number on which the recipient of your payment may be contacted (this makes it quicker and easier for the overseas bank to contact the recipient if required)
  • Routing Number - the international version of our BSB. It specifies both the bank and branch your recipient's account is held at and is between three and 23 digits long
  • Account Number - identifies the recipient's bank account
  • Name of bank - official name under which the recipient's bank is trading
  • City/location of branch - either the city or suburb (for larger cities) in which your recipient's account is held


  • If you have paid a particular individual previously using Online Banking, then there is no need to re-enter all of their details. Just select that individual from the template list provided to save time
  • If you need to send money to a country which is not listed please call our Customer Service Representatives to discuss alternative arrangements
  • Provided your foreign exchange control requirements are in order your payment should be received at the overseas destination within two business days, however we are unable to guarantee that the overseas bank will pay your recipient on the same day



Screenshot of step 2 of making an overseas payment in online banking